Saturday, April 16, 2005

The signs

I have been rather aloof in terms of my relationships with students. Maybe it is at this point of time when I realise that there are needs to focus on more pressing issues at hand. But then again many signs recently had hinted that I should start picking up the strands of relationships with them. I called them signs but I guess some of them were really subtle hints which could be seen and intepreted in many ways

Sign # 1
A wrong turn on the PIE brought me to a familiar place during my ride home after the National Cross Country 2005. Travelling along BKE I reached Chestnut Drive the venue of my Self Awareness Camp this year. Need I Say more

Sign #2
Saw an old friend on the street a couple of days back and he was listening to some music on his I shuffle the latest 512 mb gadget from Apple. With one of the head phones he offers, I could heard the familiar "Hey.... Hey Baby ohh Ahh......"

Sign #3
A girl came to me and ask me questions, not that this is something new, but it is something uncommon recently. Perhaps thinsg have changed with the bit more laughter in class

Sign #4
A cheerful waving when I was driving to school in a rainy morning from a girl in class warmed my heart. Especially when I have not seen that smile for a long time

Maybe it is about time to get back.....

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