Sunday, April 17, 2005

My Kar

It has been almost a year since I started to drive ( has it been a year already) My well documented if not concise account of my near-death ( to the instructor) hair raising, death defying maneuvers had perhaps illustrated to you how it was to be able to pass at the long awaited 3rd attempt

Since I pass my driving test and gotten the coverted driving license, I started to go to showrooms and looking at cars and stuff. My dad was never a car person, he never got a license and his favourite mode of transport has been the massaging therapeutic bus rides and recently upgraded to the Mass rapid transit. It was after getting the license that I started to ask myself why didn’t I get it earlier. I guess sometimes it was my impatience and bad temper. I remember when I was taking my motorcycle license during my army daze and was unable to clear lesson 4. And I was going like “aiyah why need to get a license, who need to drive anyway?”

As a newly converted car-owner, I have to say that the experience of owning my own car have been nothing short of exciting. Everyday has been a journey. To me it is my own personal space and love shack – mobile

The best thing about owning a car of your own is that the moment I get into my car I am in my own world. I love to drive for long distance, especially in the night when the traffic is less heavy and along the deserted stretched PIE. I am not a speed demon but I enjoyed the time I have for my own as I cruise in my car with the stereo blastin my favourite songs- depending on my moods, it could be a heart wrenching love ballads which remind me of my first love, a soundtrack which allow me to picture the scene of the movie or the music, a chill out lounge music or jazz piece which set me in a relaxed mood. In the car, I am on my own it is my personal space, you know what I mean right? After a hard day of work, I go to my car, start the engine and that is my space on the way home. I also keep my car clean; I send it for polishing once every two months and for a wash every week. I put air freshners in the car and I don’t even fart in it. I can’t say I have never done anything really bad in it, but people have done something bad with it – a slight dent on the backside and the driver side and of course some scratches on the bonnet and the side by some envious green eyed freak who should rot in hell for this indecent act! It hurts to see my car with bruises and cuts, and yes I do find myself walking around the car admiring and inspecting the wounds. Yes I am abit obsessed.

I am also very particular about my prized possession, I try not to let anyone drive it. My wife did try to drive it once but I was pretty irritated with the mistake I made. Firstly since she is still learning and didn’t get her license her driving is freakingly slow and ovr cautious. But then again that what instructors tell all trainees. On top of that, I hated it when I have to readjusted my mirrors and my seat and the whole lot of gadgety stuff after she have use it. Call it “Monica”ish ( from Friends) but I just don’t like people to change the way I do things.

The one thing that I won’t do in the car is perhaps the act of ***. Firstly my 1.6L lancer is far to small with the sticks and knobs at the wrong places. The car is just too small to do anything in. Very uncomfortable but maybe possible, so it is something fairly unlikely.

So what will be my dream car? A dream car would definitely be a BMW 3 series or the 7 series. But of course for that price especially in Singapore it would be totally impractical. Singapore policies of the COE and the ERP and all the money generating policies ( which I believe is helping the country’s GDP) just make it not worth the money to get an expensive car. If I could the Subaru WRX with the ah beng features is something I would like as I think the engine is really fast but then again it is not as though I would speed in the car. With family in mind, I might get an MPV, maybe the Mitsubishi Grandis or even the Honda Odyssey. That’s what I mean by being family oriented.

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