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Adolf Hitler Part 2

During the 1920s Hitler took lessons in public speaking and in mass psychology from Erik Jan Hanussen, an astrologer and fortune teller. Hitler was a strong believer in astrology, telepathy, graphology, phrenology, and physiognomy, and usually sought supernatural advice when making decisions. (for a leader Hitler was deeply superstitious, but then again maybe things were supposed to happen this way...)

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Hitler was secretly financed by German Industrialists and various German princes, who believed the Nazis were the best group to stop the rising support of Communism that threatened their fortunes. They contributed a reported twenty-five million gold marks. In the years before the Nazis took over Germany. In return, Hitler discreetly changed the party platform which had been up to that point against capitalists and royalists.

Angela, Hitler's elder half sister, was the only family member he had any contact with in his later years. She was once the manager of the Mensa Academia Judaica in Vienna. During an anti-Semitic student riot, she defended the Jewish students from attack by beating Aryan students with a club from the steps of the kitchen.

Image hosted by Hitler was a very ordinary- looking man with a mincing walk. His strongest physical asset was his-eyes, which were blue verging on violet, with a depth and glint that made them almost hypnotic. In his earlier days he wore a. pointed beard, often -unkempt, and had broken, rotten teeth. He began wearing the famous little moustache during World War I. More of a British style than a German one, he may have adopted it in imitation of English officers, whom he grew to admire during his years at the front.

Hitler's nickname was “Wolf.” Only a handful of people were ever allowed to use the name. His favorite dogs were Alsatians, which In German are called “Wolfhuende.” His French head quarters was named Wolf's Gulch. In the Ukraine he called his headquarters Werewolf, and in East Prussia, Wolf's Lair.

He also believed he was under divine protection. This feeling had been reinforced during the war when he was in a trench eating lunch and a voice told him to getup and move to a different pot. A few minutes later a stray shell fell and everyone who was in the place he had left was killed.

Angela's daughter, Geli Raubal, was a pretty woman who, in her twenties, lived with Hitler during his rise to power. Nineteen years younger than Hitler, she was by all accounts the only woman he ever loved. Hitler made her pose for nude drawings, which were later stolen and bought back from a blackmailer, and reportedly whipped her with a bullwhip. She is quoted as telling a friend, “My uncle is a monster. You would never believe the things he makes me do.”

He was insanely jealous of her. When his chauffeur confessed to him that he and Reubal were lovers and wanted to marry, Hitler flew into a rage and fired him. One night, after a loud public fight, she apparently killed herself with a shot from Hitler’s revolver.

When Hitler learned of her death, he decided to become a vegetarian and made a vow never to eat meat again. He went into a deep depression and threatened suicide. An associate, Gregor Strasser, took heroic measures to keep him alive. (This would count as the top thing he regretted because three years later, Hitler ordered his execution.)

He threatened to kill himself many times, always allowing someone to save him. When in jail for the first time, he decided to starve himself to death. A visiting party member convinced him that he should at least think the decision over clearly, and that to be able to think clearly it was necessary to have some food. He gobbled rice hungrily. (Loser)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comEva Braun, his final mistress, was a product of a convent school. She was only seventeen years old when Hitler began to take her out. Once, after seeing photographs of Hitler in the company of other women, Braun also shot herself, severing an artery in her neck. She survived.

In 1935 Braun became despondent when Hitler' s preoccupation with international affairs left little time for her. She again attempted suicide, this time by swallowing twenty sleeping pills. Her sister Ilse found her in a coma and saved her. Angela was his housekeeper at this time. She despised Braun refused to shake hands with her, and referred to her as “the stupid cow.” Because Hitler continued to bring Braun to his chalet, Angela gave up her housekeeper post and got married.

Conjecture about Hitler' s sex life abounds. Hitler had only one close friend during his late adolescence, a sensitive artist and musician, August Kubizek his good friend. They were inseparable and some believed they carried on a sexual relationship. Hitler did an architectural drawing of a house in which the two might live together, sharing their interests in art and music.

Hitler had no real interest in women, preferring to keep away from them and even smugly rebuffed those who showed any interest in him. He strictly adhered to his Catholic upbringing regarding sex, believing men and women should remain celibate until marriage

One former army associate claimed that, in the army, Hitler was never promoted past lance corporal because of alleged pederastic practices. He also claimed that while in Munich, Hitler was guilty of offenses under Article 175 of German military code which deals with pederasty.

Many men in his Inner circle, Including Rudolf Hess and Ernst Röhm, were homosexuals. One of the rooming houses in which Hitler lived in his younger days was a notorious pick-up site for homosexual trysts.
Some rumors claimed Hitler was impotent, others that he got pleasure from women defecating and urinating on his face. We do know that Hitler had a keen interest in pornography.

Hitler also had an incredible sweet tooth and consumed large quantities of pastries and as much as two pounds of chocolate in a day.

Hitler did not like to be alone. He would frequently summon aides to sit with him in the middle of the night while he rambled on about anything that came to his mind. There was an unwritten rule among the aides that no one would ask a question lest Hitler go off on another tangent.

When Hitler visited Mussolini to try to arrange a pact against Russia, he became very disillusioned about the professionalism of the Italian navy when he saw the sailors' laundry flying from the ships' masts. (This gave a whole new meaning to dirty laundry)


After a nine-hour meeting in 1940 with Spanish dictator Franco, Hitler remarked to Mussolini he would rather visit a dentist and have three or four teeth taken out to repeat the ordeal.

By 1937, when the rest of the world didn't even consider environmental degradation a significant problem, Hitler was mandating antipollution devices on factories in the Ruhr. All new factories, like those that manufactured Strength-Through-Joy cars (later renamed the Volkswagen), were required to install antipollution devices.

During the Balkan campaign, Hitler's special train carried a separate car for the fuhrer's cow.

Dr. Erwin Giesing, who treated Hitler after an aborted assassination attempt by German generals, was one of the few men Hitler trusted after the affair. However, Giesing wrote in his diary that he had once tried to kill the Fuhrer by giving him a double dose of cocaine. The attempt went undetected, and Hitler remained alive.
A chronic queasy stomach caused Hitler to fear he had cancer. The Rumanian dictator Antonescu shared Hitler' s plight with stomach ailments. He sent his Jewish cook, Fraulein Kunde, to the fuhrer. When Himmler asked Hitler about the propriety of having a Jew as a cook, he ordered his aides to “Aryanize” her, making her officially not Jewish.

At the end of the war, when Hitler decided to commit suicide rather than falling to the hands of the Russians, his first act was to poison his favorite dog, Wolf.

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