Wednesday, October 20, 2004


it seems kinda of weird to be back infront of 3/4 and starts to communicate with them again. It seems like we have not have these type of conversation for a long long time. Not that it was any form of conversation but rather a monologue, the harbinger of bad news. Well not all news were bad, at least the class won the coverted Global Citizenry Award for term 4. Way to go!! As for the bad news, they were so bad that I can see that the class have lost their "chirpy"ness. Come on, it is not so bad, the only thing that you have to face will be your parents and always remember your parents love you, and even if they choose to express it in any form of action, please still remember it is still love.

It wasn't easy to be standing in front of a class who I have thought I will be taking them to their Os and finally see them graduate and of course see them in their prom dresses during grad nite. Now it seems they are disappearing right before my eyes. I could feel the bochupness in my bones and my skin; it seems that the faces in front of me will get blurrer and blurrer. It is a weird sinking feeling. IT SUCKS, IT REALLY SUCKS BIG TIME...

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