Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Teh O and Kopi SU SU and MILO

it is so difficult to write remarks about the girls. It is like you have to praise andlike subjective statements about them when u really don't mean it :P

Anyway I agree that everything about the exams was bad , the results, and of course the "stupid" efficiency of the teachers who seem to have no life and can actually return the A maths papers at record4 days of markings. And for those jokers who missed today thinking that it would be a walk in the park, a stroll in the garden or a crawl in the nursery, well you would be rudely shocked to know that by tomorrow, you will have another 4 papers coming in. Talk about PROFESSIONALISM AND EFFICIENCY! 3 cheers for IJ teachers!!

I am now listening to random tracks on my music jukebox ( currently playing Drowning Pool ' Let the bodies hit the floor") , while trying to compose remarks and as usually I am doing things that I am not supposed to do. Just came back from Track and Field and of course a nice leisure coffee break with some ex girls at StarBucks. Maybe what Jess W said was right, EDIT: Mr Ng... Yeah, it does suck, but hey, it's really been a nice year, and it's nice to know you care ^^, it has been a blast, a different class, a refractory class, a different attitude and of course a different mentality. What can I say, i have learnt as much from you people and hope that you have learnt stuff from me. it is time to move on and part ways..... but as I say it really suck.......

Now playing Eminem "Without me"........

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