Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The MEAN ME is back (almost)

I haven't blogged for years. Well the old me, I feel. Welcome back, I feel like a spirit in transition, creepy but I feel that my evil twin had "invaded' my body. Well chosse the following response, do you like a) the old me? b) the new me ( ie the past few weeks) or c) there was a difference? But I feel that my PMS period is ending. period. Starting to get the momentum back but I am just waiting for the National Day to disrupt everything again.

Anyway, I realise that I have "lost" my acute sense of lameness especiallty when it come to the delivery of jokes. I attempted a weak effort this afternoon with my form class, since they have been always "supportive" but I guess it fall really flat, so flat that it look like a pancake. Then again pancakes are supposed to be flat.. But then I digress.

I ALSO realised that my 'mean'ness also went down a couple of notches this period of time. I just lack the zest and vigour to scold and scream. But let me warn all of you , I am about 605 back and I should be in full swing by next week. Watch out IJ!!

Haven't you been looking at the blocks of flats as you walked along the streets. For those who feared an intrusion to privacy and suspected that I am a voyuer by nature. Let me assure all of you that I am. Being a typical Kapoh Singaporean, I love to keep my eyes wide and ears open especially to interesting sightings and juicy gossips. One of the thing that I observe is the serious lack of patroitism among the Singaporeans. To justify my point, let's do an oonline survey. What will you do when Singapore is under attack? I know that this is an old grandother/grandfather/granduncle story but so are the response to be chosen. Is it

a) Stay put in Singapore and defend Singapore. This is my homeland ( and break into choruses of Kit Chan "Home" or the horrific Tanjong Katong Primary version? Anyway what happen next, hip hop version of "home"?)

b) Leave? (Come on let's be realistic, how can an island take so many people since there will be foreign invaders coming. The countries is already facing a serious overcrowding and the least we need is having people to take up extra space. Anyway we need to reproduce more Singaporeans to keep the fire burning.)

c) Singapore? What Singapore? (As I always mention to the rest of the Sec 4, Singapore is oh so big that a spit, a piss and a shit from every citizen of China will be enough to drown or/and bury us whichever come first!)

Which answer have you choose? The politically correct one is of course a) and of course as "patroitic" students you will choose a). But then again is this the answer that is deep in your heart. Feel it, (take it out with a knife, massage it a little) and is it pumping to the rhythm of Majulah Singapura? Sad to say this is not how many feel. Some Singaporeans just didn't bother to put the national flag outside their flat. Have you notice the patoitism level goes lower and lower and lower by the year. I did a simple count of the number of flags in my block and got a shocking 3!! 3 out of a blaady 100 plus flats. Talk about patroitism!!

What's wrong with Singaporeans nowadays. This is the 39th birthday of Singapore, and Singaporeans are not participating enmasse for the celebrations. There are also Singaporeans who are making use of this long break for a trip up north or south or anywhere except in Singapore. Singaporeans are far too deprived when it come to holidays and no one is willing to let this opportunity for a short break miss. But if you can stay at home to attend your mum's dad's or grandpa's birthday, why can't you just stay for the country's birthday? Many argued that patoritism is not wearing it on you shirt/dress/blouse, but through actions. People also agreed that going out is not an act of disloyalty. But when it come to the crunch how many people would really be bothered about all the little things about protecting the country? While we don't associate attending National Day Parade and putting the National Flag outside your flags as acts of patroitism, but these are a start.

If you see a half naked man, with a unflattering body trying to fix up the flag outside his flat. Take a second look, it could be me after getting my conscience pricked by this article that I wrote.

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