Thursday, May 27, 2004


Do you like holidays? I love them, it is the only time I can torture my students without being physically there. But however the drawback was that I can really see the agonised looks* on each of them. Call me sadistic. But students should be made to put their holidays to good use. And the first thing I can think of is doing Add Maths homework. While the saying goes, "all work and no play make Jack a dull boy", let me assure you this is only applicable to boys, for girls it is "all play and no work make you a true blue bimbo" There is a need to exercise your brain or it would turn mushy over a period of 1 month. And as teachers we are trying to do a good deed by constantly exercising your brain. No need to thank us, for we know the sacrifices we are making. It is never easy to see your face on the dartboard or see words like " insert your surname sux" in any forms of genre. (Swearing at the teacher in poetic language doesnt really make it lyrical)
*how does an agonised look look like, I don't know maybe something like when you are sitting on the toilet bowl trying to force out the hor fun you have eaten yesterday night

Do you remember the Cod Liver oil advertisement when two kids went around to look for friends to play and everyone came to the door with teary eyes and a bad bouts of flu that the two kids have no choice but play by themselves (not with themselves) I see it as the kids staying at home to do their homework, they found it totally meaningless to go out an throw a ball or ride a bike when they can do something more intellectually stimulating like Maths. If I were the parents of the two "playful" children, I would have seriously sat the two of them ( not sat on them, I am not a 400 pounder) down, gave thema lecture or two about not giving negative influences to others and drill them in something constructive, like "marvelling at the beauty of science" or "intrigued by the wonders of chemistry" blah blah blah.

While my 2 cents worth may not really strike a chord, I strongly advise all the students to down a couple of bottles of cod liver oil to increase their immunity and let the exercising of the brain begin. ENJOY!

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