Monday, May 31, 2004

Great Balls of Fire

To tell you frankly, I didn't want to write this entry, but I guess I need to address certain issues on the tagboard.

An anonymous person wrote: "i don't mean offensive but i think it's unfair. the carnival held on wednesday is called NETBALL CARNIVAL. how can a class who got last for netball be overall champions" she added "although they did very well for the other catogories. but afterall it's called a NETBALL CARNIVAL." no offence but yeahh. just wanted to state my mine. they got LAST for netball and they won overall. ridiculous!"
Now my response to her:

In fact I totally agree with her. How can a team who got last(just to emphasize) can win the netball carnival? Absolutely ridiculous! We jolly well go and report this to the MOE for giving the students the wrong impressions!

Good gracious me, I am talking to an extremely sour puss with an affinity for sour grapes! Come on, this is after all a competition. To fan up/provoke the feelings of 3/4 by demeaning their win would in my opinion an extremely unwise thing to do. I have to agree that 3/4 might not be too tecnically inclined when it come to netball. But if you were there seeing them practise for the cheerleading and netball, spend time seeing them painting banners, you would be just as amazed at their drive and enthusiasm, and for that they deserve to win. I am not saying that the other classes don't put in effort. But I would like to say that it may be because the spirit of the class 3/4 is more apparent than the others. Perhaps what Anonymous need to do, is to really reflect on the reasons why they had lost rather than to do the unglamourous thing of hiding being an unrecognisable nickname and lambasting everyone. If you are an IJ girl, I seriously doubt if you have understand and internalised the IJ spirit of care and concern and respect for others.

The Longman dictionary define carnival as "an event held at a school in which students plays games for prizes". Is the carnival based on just winning the netball game? I seriously don't think so, in fact the purpose of this is to build up the class spirit and unity and I think it has achieved the objectives for 3/4! Come on we can have a Netball tournament with all the girls getting involved but yet we create a situation when all the girls can play a role, whether it is playing, or motivating their team with cheers and banners and that is what a class is all about: it is never about individuality, but rather it is about unity, unity as a class.

In the working world outside, the emphasis is on your passion and enthusiasm in carrying out your roles and duties. It is never about winning! And in school, this is the best place to learn them all.

But then again, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I respect that. But then again, what I would even respect is that if you have the courage to say things without hiding in obscurity.

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