Thursday, May 27, 2004

Additional Mathematics Holiday Homework

Want to improve your maths? Your query is about to be answered.

Due to the disappointing Add Maths results, I have decided to give some "mission possible" homework for the Sec 3/2 and 3/4 girls in my class. A couple of smart "Alexis"es in my class suggested that I put my homework in my blog since I have build up an avid readership. However today's topics and assignment lies on the premise that all of you have friends, not fiends trying to sabotage you.

The homework is as follows
1) The set of 5 worksheets for the five chapters that was given to you. Please do them on foolscap paper. If you are as blur as a hamster, and wondering what worksheet I am talking about, let me give you a cyberslap before I continue *abish*. Now that your head and brain are in place, can you vaguely remember what I am talking about. In any case, if you did not get it because you were
i) not in school, rotting at home and missing out on the wonderful jokes by Mr Ng
ii) gallivanting, transiting in different classrooms
iii) feeding yourself silly at the canteen
iv) choosing to tap into your seletive amnesia
friends of the above would be able to enlighten you and pass the "gift" to you.

2) the Ten year Series 1st 5 chapters solutions
The chapters I mentioned are those that we have covered in the Add Maths textbook. These chapters may not be the same as those in the textbook but I guess all of you are smart enough to know what is what. Anyway this has to be done in an A4 hard cover record book which can be bought at popular bookstores known as Popular. The completed solutions has to be neatly written in this book that you have bought from Popular, and it must be according to the order of the questions in the TYS. If you have absolutely no idea what this booklet is all about, or which book to get, please ask any of your friends in either 3/1 or 3/9. As I emphasized the importance of this book to the classes today, I shall reiterate it: this book is going to be very useful for your revision in 2005 when you take your add maths O levels and it can be given to your descendants (daughters,granddaughters, great grand daughters etc etc and the list goes on) to help them with Add Maths.

The two sets of work has to be COMPLETED by the first Add maths lesson in the 2nd semester. and the term completed means no blanks. If you don't know how to do the question you can come to school to look for me or you can ask some of your more able friends. Just email me to arrange a time maybe 2 days in advance. Now I am going to be very serious about it, I want all the girls to do them and work on the solutions by themselves. This is the only way to raise your own Add Maths proficiency. If you do not have the book of solution with you on the first Add Maths lesson, you will stay out of my class until you show me that you have completed it. And I am going to enforce that.

Hope that this make it clear for everyone. Enjoy your June holidays!!

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