Friday, January 06, 2006

The One with the first week in school

I survived the first week of school...


I am sorry that I an not able to blog as often as I like but I am really tied down with work. The first few days were a total blur - an avalanche of paperwork and the unsettling change of a new environment.

Morning assembly was entirely different from that in IJ, but i would say more organised and regimented. However I missed the hymms that I had gotten so familiar and the daily reflections. Suffice to say, the temasek greens was a big change from the navy blues which I have been seeing for the past 5 years.

All of the sudden I feel like one of the blur 12 year olds who step into the school for the first time, badly needing an orientation, getting to know the teachers(colleagues) and yes orientating myself to find my way to class. It was difficult especially when I tried consciously to remind myself not to greet "Good Morning/afternoon girls" but I still ended up doing it, thus getting sniggers and giggles from some of the students. It was also a new experience in the ears when you hear the oh so familiar "cher" which I thought I would never hear on me.

So far i had met all my classes including my form class (yes, I had a sec 2 form class) So far my impression of the students had been good. As for my form class, they can be quite a cute bunch but then sometimes they can be mischevious. But then again this is after all the first week. Horns may grow...

Changes had indeed been unsettling, but getting into the groove of things, I am glad that I had taken that dreaded step out of my comfort zone. I know there are also people out there who faced the same type of problems as I do and let me assure you, I am literally in a similar boat. I do understand how you people feel and sometimes it is comfortable to even hid in your little corner and moan. However in life there will always be change. In fact the only thing that will remain constant is ironically change itself.

I look forward to all these new challenges with relish and I hope I can do what I had done in IJ - continue to nurture and impact the lives of students. If I don't blog often, maybe you could send me a friendly sms or email - I could have been buried in the piles of work that I am supposed to do :P

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