Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The One with the SICK

I am down with flu, and a sexy voice. Topping that, I have this irritating itchy throat which make this annoying cough with saliva all over the classrooms that i visited today. As a result of my casual manner of leaving watery evidence all over place, I got a file of peons who are coughing all the way. Thus I decided to see the doctor in case I incapacitated the entire teaching communtiy in my school.

Many of the teachers in the school are also in a similar state as me. The absenteeism rate for the teachers had not reached a point for cause of concern. On an average , the gungho teachers in the school are really trying their best to come to school to deliver the lessons. Never mind the coughing, never mind the flu, the sniffing of the noses and the sneezing. Most important, the students have to be taught and lessons still goes on.

Serious there are times I wondered not at why the teachers are falling sick, but why the management dont realise that there are so many sick cases because of things in the school. I came back from my reservist and was immediately struck by the low morale and negativity in the school. Yes low morale do breed low immunity which lead to sickness and illness and of course lead to MC.

Colleagues are happy to see me, for I do try to see myself as someone to lighten the mood and lift the morale. I made nonsensical remarks, send words of encouragement and concern, and most importantly sharing a joke or two. I guess I am more of a people person and enjoy the fact that i can make a difference in a person life, even that of a stressed teacher. Management are too high up in their helicopter view, middle management are too caught up in the middle to please everyone. well someone have to do the work to lift the morale. If someone have to do it, why don't I be the one?

Wish me luck! (even though I may be giving the impression to many people that I have nothing better to do...)


chewy said...

i am also a people person what!! its our goal or aim to make everyone happy for a few moments!! haha.jk.thats mine then..finally got sth i can comment to..haha.thot u putting up ur tagboard again? wish i can openly say hi..haha.

celine said...

haha! i'm down with the same illness too!! get well soon!

Jelis said...

Oops, somehow I missed seeing this >.< Oh well, hope you're feeling much better by the time you read this ^^