Monday, January 08, 2007

The One with the overwhelming feeling

This is day 1 of week 2. And I already have this sinking feeling of this "pig"usting year. The term had started expectedly hectic and there were deadlines, workplan, action palns, schemes of work, schedules of implementation and of course te whole hurrah of meeting new students, setting the tone, setting the expectations, collecting of money, marking of attendance, collecting of holiday assignments, dealing with errant cases. I have already been leaving school at close to 7 pm. I guess more to come soon. And the list goes on and on...

After the -what-i-thought-was-a-damn-hectic-year honeymoonly first year in school, I was mildly shocked to see myself with a bountiful of responsibilities and new appointment for the year 2007. Infact I felt like being hit by an avalanche of tasks which no doubts have given me something really no time to think about. Let me just spelt out my workload and responsibilties for the purpose of proper documentation for workreview in afew time. I am teaching 4 levels- sec 1 history, 3 ss/history, 4 ss/history and 5 ss/history. with sec 1 being something entirely new to me and sec 3 with a change of syllabus, i am actually doing 5 preparations and almost for only 1 class in each level. Given that sec 5 is our school flagship, i am entrusted with the holy responsibility of getting decent results for the combined humanities. As for the sec 4, they are the best for the subject combination, and thus I am expected to produce the distinctions. Phew!

to further nurture my skills as a form teacher, I am given a sec 5 class as my form class. And of course to make me more student oriented I am also thrusted into one of the more high profile ccas. To dvelop my people managment skills, I am given 8 committees, heading 2 of them.

I guess if i dont screw up and survive this year, I should eb able to get a pretty decent grade for my ranking and also a fat bonus next year..

If i survive...... :(

The Ergo One

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