Saturday, November 11, 2006

The One about writing something I may regret (2)

I need some advice on the previous blog entry. I cannot deny that i am upset about the things that is happening. After talking to the missus who was indignant with the way that I was treated, she gave me some advice. Now I have a couple of options and would really want to know what you would do if you were in my shoes

A) Should I just stay and try to work with my new "boss" for the next 2 years before contemplating leaving
B) should I look out for an open posting next year and just heck care and leave?



Anonymous said...

You are upset now, and it makes it hard for you to judge since you are in the midst of it.

You need to ask some other people who can be objective about the matter.

Sometimes it is also helpful to re-examine the reasons behind why you came into teaching. It help clarifies your mind better.

All the best!

The Ego One said...

Thanks Jeanie for your advice
I am just having this sense of deja vu especially that was the very reason why I left my previous school in the first place.
Many colleagues had told me to stick with the option of staying for next 2 years to complete my "obligations" - the usual protocol and courtesy thingy and of course to leave at least a positive mark there before I leave. Well I got a full 7 months to think about this before the next APEX come by :)

Jelis said...

Heya Mr Ng...
I obviously don't know how it is, so I can't help, so I'll just wish you all the best and hope that whatever you ultimately pick will turn out well =)

Also, this is completely off-topic, but I listen to a lot of Celtic/Irish music on the internet, and I happened by this video:
The song's a traditional (rebel?) one, but the video's more interesting, because it's made up of a montage of a lot of pictures of Bloody Sunday. ... all right, considering some of the pictures contain bloody (reference completely unintended) corpses, maybe 'interesting' isn't quite the right word >.>

Heeey... gory stuff reminds me of your classes. That, and logarithms XD


Jelis said...

oops. ok, the URL's been partially cut off... The end should be onesundaymorning.html =)