Monday, May 08, 2006

The One with the change in me

Sometimes people realise they change when they have other priorities in their lives. All the while, my career was always the utmost one. However when Vernice came into our life in the form of a little thing in my wife's tummy, I still did not have the full impact. Work, Friends, family still took priority in the following order. Then when I witnessed her, I realised what I want more than anything else - to be able to see her grow up to be a fine lady. I realised I have changed, my focus have changed, my priorities have changed, my perspective have changed.

I know I have been blogging alot on my little bundle of joy. She can be a bit of a handful especially with her irregular sleeping hours and her unforseen and highly unpredictable "big and small business". It has been tiring, however it is going to be as happy a journey we can experience, amidst the black panda eyebags and incessant yawnings throughout the day.

But then again, what's that compared to the happiness i got. :)

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