Monday, February 20, 2006

The One about going back to school Again

Going back to school has been a footdragging, or car-braking experience. Today is dreadful monday. And I have just had 10 days worth of R-&-R at Hotel SAF, where brawn rather than brains was the flavour of the month. I was trying my best to deactivate the grey matter and I must say that I am pretty successful in doing that, so successful that I am having a hard time trying to crank it up and hype myself for today, coupled with the perennial monday blues

The lazy morning was greeted with compliments of concerns ( wah you look tanned, must have been pretty "siong") and of course the unceremonious poke, tainted with sacarsm ( you look really fresh!). Taking it in my stride like a true blue SAF serviceman, I commenced on my recee duty of trying to find a vantage point to start the already piling homework, tests and of course the administrative work which I have to clear.

Students alike greeted me with renewed zest, paying full due to the belief that "absence made the hearts go fonder". One Sec 4N girl even gave me a small snicker bar to welcome me back. The sec 3s upon seeing me greeted me a la Singapore Idol. Much as I hate to admit it... it is nice to feel welcome.

Welcome back!

The Ego One

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