Saturday, February 25, 2006

The One about a bone to pick

As I had always said, IJ always has a very special position in my heart. And of course the very fact that it is so near to where I stayed always give me the additional incentive to just drive past the spankiing new building, catching sometimes glimpses of the ever familiar blue pinafores and of course going into the times when I first came in as a trainee teacher. It seems so long ago and sometimes so surreal.

Perhaps at times I have still not made my peace with the fact that I am already in a new school, teaching other students and on top of that, working for a new principal, in a new management. However it always brighten up my day when I come back for a visit and felt so welcomed. Well almost at times.

I had been really busy with my new school and I believe that some of you who still keep in contact with me can testify for that. I worked extremely long hours , even longer than the usual times I spend in IJ. Thus any free time that I could spare would be for my wife, for my family, for my friends, and to me, sometimes just popping by IJ would be a time for myself. It is gratifying to know that some of you (staff and students) still welcome me back with open arms, and the affections you showed when I sometimes popped by for a social visit was really much appreciated. The attention from the Track and Field team when I returned yesterday was really great. However there are also some who actually felt that I was just- quoted and unquoted "too free, must be pretty idle". I resented this remark for it questions the very professionalism I had in my new school. I resented this remark for it also showed that I am not welcomed.

I know there are some who feel that I should have just moved on, and forget about it, but to me IJ is just like an alma mater like all of you, and sometimes, things that I have so passionately believed in had changed so drastically that I felt morally obliged to just try to get the record straight. I know that in so doing, I may be perceived as a busybody, but I am willing to do so, because I so passionately believed in the things in the school and of course the welfare of the IJ girls which some, I have seen them growing up in their teenage years.

Sad to say whether it is appreciated or not, I will come back as long as I am welcomed, even if it is only some staff and some students.

P.S: Just realised that i sound bitter. I'm actually quite ok, tired though. I think I just got carried away, I think. :D

P.S: Thanks for all of you who had added me in your MSN, my MSN will usually be operational during office hour( school hours from 7 to 7) and maybe some time in the weekend. Send me a msg, let me know how's thing are gettting on.

P.S: I heard that RMUN 2006 had gone up one level, there are interviews, and if Val, Alessa, Germaine and of course Tricia and Sarah you people need help, can drop me a line, or email me.

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