Thursday, September 01, 2005

Reason For Coming Back: First Entry

I woke up this morning at 10am and decided, among many other things, that I shall blog. Again. Actually, I was awake much earlier, but just couldn’t drag myself out of bed. But never mind.

I was going to write a long entry explaining what exactly is ‘my reason for coming back’, but the reason is quite simple actually. So I’m going to spend most of this entry talking about myself instead

I like spontaneity and I act on impulse. Really I act on impulse... when I decided in the morning what I am going to have for breakfast to the point of what prelim questions I am going to divulge accidently tell...

I sometimes do something for no apparent reason, simply because I feel like doing it and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life wondering ‘why didn’t I do that?’. But that also means I sometimes do certain things I end up regretting, like how I recently regretted trying that stupid thrill ride in Bangkok and still end up having nightmares over and over again after all these years.

I broke hearts and had my heart broken, on more than one occasion. The latter started early, when my primary school English relief teacher told me that even though she finds me the cutest eight-year old in the world, we couldn’t get married. I also understand that many of the fans girls were traumatised/agonised/brutalised/victimised/horrified/mystified/crucified by my irresponsible action of closing the blog without giving at least one week notice for them to save the verry farny entries to be used for their exams... ( anyway now you got another chance)

I don’t like people who are serious all the time. Nor do I like people who jokes all the time. There’s a time to be serious and a time for jokes, but some people just mixes the two up. I also realize that I’m guilty of that at times too, so yah, sometimes I don’t really like myself. But anyway I am pretty upset with a present I got for teacher day which gave me the license to bullshit... In the first place, it clearly show a lack of respect and secondly when did I ever bullshit... ??

I enjoy making people laugh, because when they do, I laugh too. I’m even ok with the fact that they are laughing at me sometimes most of the time because I’m not a person who is serious all the time. Just dont call me a joker..

I love giving surprises, and I love being surprised. Because smiles usually accompany surprises, and I love it when people smiles. Well actually to laugh it really out will be good, ask Melissa and Felicia from 4/8 and of course Celine from 4/4... Anyway I definitely wasn’t smiling when I recently received that ‘surprising’ amount for my tax assessment.

I don’t ever want to break another heart again.

And I think that is a very good reason for coming back.

The EGO One

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