Thursday, September 08, 2005


A week had amost passed. My holidays are coming to an end.

In case you are wondering where I was for the past week, not appearing in my second home... School. I was in another place which I have been calling home for the past week, at the British Council, having my dissertation lessons. the class was interesting, they were talking about rendering the strange familiar when it come to dissertation. I came back having even morre questions in my head, really rendering the familiar strange... Such philosophical perception.

Dissertation seminar tomorrow, and I am expected to "defend" my work tomorrow.. Let's hope the lecturers will be kind with their words and of course lenient with their "quextions" (BTW the british did pronounce the word this way... so technically I am not wrong)

Classes start from 9 and end at 5. After the information overload, i have been having difficulties concentrating.. on other things. I am tired, I need a break..

Any way I am watching the TCS 8 drama, an emotional scene when there is a family scene at the beach. Chen Han Wei and Michelle whoever were having this discussion of having another kid, to save their present one... so family so warm.. so government propaganda....

And that's my nonsensical ramblings...

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