Monday, November 22, 2004

Toilet Break (Extended Disco Remix)

it is nice to hear, to say the least, that my return to blogging had been met with mixed reactions. There is a bug flying in my blog and it is giving people the worms. Anyway what do you expect from a blog which craps and write so much about shit?

One of my degenerate friends just emailed this to me:"You need to stop sabotaging your own image by constantly revealing your "psychosis potential" and "your lack of embarrassment" on issues which don't even remotely related to you."Heh, in the first place, regarding the image issue, my retort is "What image"? And the worst thing about the comment is that I don't even understand half the lexicons used and mostly I just refused to be bothered. SIMPLY BOCHUPZ I suppose...

Another day wasted at work. Well not to take the goodness of the day away-Today was a good day, because I spent most of it in conversation. About lots of things, with colleagues. Well it was mostly sharing from the colleagues. One thing I love about my current job, unashamedly; the people I'm around like to talk as well. If you are one that can fill up an empty with your one and only banter, congratulations this is the career for you. All teachers like to talk, if they don't they will be busy spending half a day explaining to you why not. Today I had my work review with my HOD. For the uninitated, this is kinda of like the Meet-the-Parents Sessions, with role exchange. My HOD was asking me my plans for the next year seeing that I have grossly underhit my target I have set the previous year. Being prudent, I set an even lower target for myself hoping that things will be much better next year. I did expressed my concern for the Sec 4s next year which I will be inheriting and my concerns about my Masters which I have been neglecting ( You don't see me bitching about the research right? Don't worry, it is coming....)

This morning, at an unearthly hour in the morning I was in school carrying out my responsibilities as a Liasion officer. A teacher came up to me and complained about some unhappiness she had regarding the comments of some Sec 4 leaving certificates. Anyway to keep the long story short it seems that the other teacher accused her of giving her the wrong instructions and thus got her in trouble with our Principal. She was really fuming mad and I was having great difficulties trying to concentrate on her complaints about the teacher. Well i was the one who told the staff to come look for me when they have complaint as I am now officially in the Staff Welfare Committee which served the duties of a customer service counter in a departmental store otherwise. Anyway this teacher repeated her grouses to (let me count) 3 other teachers clearly showing the qualities of a teacher to reiterate the information from 1 class to another.

Anyway today it was random disjoint some enthusiastic ranting about the Sec4 grad nite, and gossips. Talk. Talking, chitter, rant, gripe, bitch. It's the shit I *live* for. At least for this period of time when there are no students to entertain me....

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