Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The One with the earned recognition

Sometimes the honours of a leader has to be earned

2 incidents which so happen in quick succession showed me what it meant to be slighted....

1) When the P introduced the key personnel during the parents-teacher dialogue, guess who was the only one present not mentioned?

2) when the sms was send to all Key personnel regarding the cancellation for the photo-taking session, guess again who was the only one oblivious and dressed to the nines?

It is already hard being a Key personnel, and it is even harder when you are not recognised as one ( sure th meagre allowance do soften the blow a little)

Maybe it was a mistake.


Kelvin said...

Ouch, I feel the pain. Two times make it hard to believe it could be accidental though.

The Ego One said...

Thanks Kelvin for your empathy.
Sometimes I ask myself is it because I was brought in by the previous P that got me in these "trials"? (you know, "you-are-not-my-man" kind of thingy) Maybe I am just paranoid and overly sensitive, but recently these issues had gotten a little too frequent and a bit too coincidental :(
Guess I have to do all the positive thingy that I have to work harder to prove myself :(