Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I was trying in vain to try to write an entry on my blog when I realised that I just can't get into the Blogger website. After trying frantically for about 2 minutes and 3 secs, thinking that the server is down or something, I was about to just switich off the computer and leave for home, when I realised that it was that I was using the url www.blooger.com. Rookie mistake... then sometimes a tired mind plays tricks on you, your eyes, your brains and your senses.

I am just glad as the week passes by, we had a wonderful practice for mass and for once i see everyone as angelic as before. I am grateful to be given this opportunity for me to bond with my class and to get to know some of the girls a little better. It is exciting to know a little more about everyone, and I am pretty sure that it will be the same for self awareness camp.

Anyway just a funny note on the things I am grateful for:

1) the stars in the sky when the moon don't shine ( spare me the technicality about the moon reflecting light from the sun blah blah blah) for just bringing a shimmer of hope when things are just down

2) the toilet bowl for allowing me to ease my stuff as I sit and watch the world goes by

3) gravity, knowing that what goes up must come down... a simple revelation of life

4) tears, for giving me a plausible excuse when upset and for cleansing the eyes. Sometimes people just need a pat on the back

5) long sleeved shirts, to hide the flabby arms and to prevent the layers of fats on the arms from becoming an eyesore

6) short sleeved shirts, to flaunt the muscule after an intense workout

7) the marvel of the internet for allowing to express my feelings on issues so close to my heart with no inhibitions

8) toilet paper for giving that fresh and clean feeling after the release

9) Chinese New Year for giving the teachers yet another opportunity to humiliate ourselves and a well deserved break. Also allow the married ones to be "philantropists" for the season

10) the songs "Always look on the bright side of life" and "hey baby" which never failed to cheer me up

11) lastly, God, I am not a believer but I do know that somewhere you are out there, you are watching over us and hoping the best for us. I sincerely believe everything will turn out well

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