Thursday, February 24, 2005

Dear Blog

Dear Blog
(sorry to sound corny) It is weird to refer to you as a person, but then I am going to refer to you as a "he" since I started writing/typing/bitching/grousing (if there is a word for that) I have been grappling with your sexual identity. But baring this, I have to sincerely apologise for my lack of committment to maintain you. Rest assured that I am not keeping my troubles and frustrations to myself for it it would be evident in terms of a receding hairline, increased wrinkles or a unflattering paunch due to stress relief eating.

The past few hectic weeks has finaly come to an end and are settling down nicely. I called this period the calm before the next tsunami of academic/miscellaneous BS come crashing in. The week leading up to self awareness camp (SAC) (which I should summarise it in one word "good") and that weekend at OLPS where I was literally the chauffeur cum deliveryman, sending girls to the various Cocoa Tree outlets to "ransack" their supplies of chocolates were sheer madness. I am just glad that everything is kinda settled and the girls can get on wth their studies and I can focus on my family and of course my long overdue Masters Assignment which I had postponed, postponed and post-postponed....

A couple of highlights in the past 3 weeks

1) Michael Jackson kena sued again.. What's new??

2) General Budget out, Good luck to the smokers who will literally see their health and money goes up to smoke.

3) Lessons had to be stopped as 2 female teachers in Malaysia were throwing punches at each other, giving new meaning to the word catfight

4) SAC 2005 for 44 was great, got to know my class better beyond the giggling, the blur, the grouchy, the sarcastic, the gloomy, the gregarious, and the hyperactive. I also got to know my co-facilitator Ms Jo Teo better. Let's hope this new found cooperation and class spirit be there throughout the years

5) Giving up is hard to do especially when a new teacher coming in, I am supposed to give up a Sec 3 History class to her, and due to timetable clashes, I will be giving up the combined class of 3/4 and 3/8. I sincerely believe that the class will benefit from her enthusiastic teaching and new insights

6) My form class - recently extorted comments about the attitute of my form class had been favourable, although some teachers still comment that the students are ather weak in certain subjects. Nonetheless the comments on the attitude are promising. In fact I am now rediscovering the joys of lesson with 4/4, it seems that there is an air of positivity and motivation. Let's hop it will not sizzle off.

7) Crossing my fingers but if all things goes well (ie all my blog fans praying for me) I will be having a new addition to my family. Yes I m going to do my part for Singapore as a loyal singaporean, And Yes finally, I am going to UPGRADE myself again! The Singapore Gahmen keep emphasizing the need to be relevant in society and therefore I am pursuing another masters next year. This time the Masters of Arts. I had applied for an MOE overseas scholarship and will be studying in the land of the free if everything turns out well. University applied - University of Wisconsin, Madison, where I will be pursuring my interest in History. If everything goes well I will be leaving IJ early next year and be relocated in MOE HQ, then I will be leaving for the US with my wife a year. The selection will be sringent and there will be many people vying for this scholarship. Really need all of you to pray for me.

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