Thursday, December 25, 2008

The One about the Christmas

So, christmas came and went.  As I laze infront of my hifi, listenign to the nonchalant tunes of Scott Hamiliton, I was quite surprised how time flies these cuples of days.  It seems not so long ago when I was eagerly anticipating my Perth Trip, and now I am back and tomorrow, I will be back in school for the mandatory key personnel meeting for the preparation of the new academic year.

I woke at an earthly hour at 6 this morning and act as Santa Claus, placing all the presents bought under the christmas tree.  I am not a Christian but after sharing with my daughter about the wonder of christmas, I think she would prefer to see her presents under the Christmas tree rather than receiving it from daddy or mummy.  You should see her face of misbelief and excitement when she saw that there were indeed presents under the tree.   My girl got a movie binoculars, those where they show images a la slide projector.  My boy got a toy car with donald the duck sitting in it, which made funny noises as it move.  My wife got a nice Braun Buffel handbag which was a little extravagant on m part.  As for me, I got a gift from my insincere wife who bought me along to buy the gift and also use the vouchers that I have gotten from Tangs to buy the gift for me.   YAh it is the thoughtless gift of a wallet which steered away from being over extravagant and practical.  Pretty much the type of gift I would expect from my wifey.

Anyway after a heavy lunch of a turkey, pork knuckle and a couple of red wine, I had a heavy seafood dinner with a couple of red wine in between...
I think I am going to be so fat and drunk

But then again, that is also the spirit of christmas, porking out and enjoyign the company of family.

I enjoyed the last few hours of X mas peacefully and in silent contemplation...

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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